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I found these things so you don’t have to

6 March 2015
In lieu of a newsletter

Can we start by talking about colour? It’s been on my mind lately. I enjoyed reading this article about a study that found that we are more likely to share images (on places like Pinterest) with certain colours in them (pinks, red, purples) than others (greens, blues, yellows, black). And this one, about why the […]

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Just pretend I sent this to your inbox

24 February 2015
Not a Newsletter

Hi! You know, I often find myself wishing where was a blog or tumblr dedicated to each of my random interests. I keep a mental list of these, complete with possible titles. Here are some recents: Water From Below, a blog devoted to the care of finicky indoor plants The Fifth Song, a music blog […]

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#creativeUNblock #2

19 February 2015
my bathroom cabinet for #creativeUNblock #2

So the February project for The Jealous Curator’s #creativeUNblock challenge is to document the contents of your bathroom cabinet/medicine shelf. I know it’s only February but, you guys, this is easily the most fun art project I’ve done so far this year. Here’s why: I love drawing objects. Simple as that. I knew that before […]

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20 days more

11 February 2015

Forty-one days into #project365 and I’ve learned a few things: It always helps to have cut flowers in the house because flowers make delightful subjects (especially in February). I have a 40-minute commute to work every morning and, with the steadily brightening days, the light on my drive has been fabulous recently. Note to self: […]

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These 10 things are just for you

10 February 2015
In lieu of a newsletter

You’ve probably found yourself wondering why some croissants are curved and others are straight, right? Turns out it’s a legal thing in France, you guys. That’s some serious business. (via) – Believe me when I tell you I am pretty out of the loop on most stuff. So I may be the last librarian to […]

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#creativeUNblock #1

5 February 2015

I already mentioned being excited about The Jealous Curator’s #creativeUNblock challenge. As soon as I saw what the challenge was for January, I beat feet to the Library of Congress’ Flickr collection (one of my favourite places to snag neat, rights-free images) and browsed around until I found one that spoke to me. Turns out […]

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January reads

3 February 2015
January 2015 books

Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform, Danielle Krysa Krysa opens this book with a description of the challenge she gave each of the artists in the book: she gave them an image and told them to alter it in any way they liked. I won’t lie, a big […]

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