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Just pretend I sent this to your inbox

24 February 2015
Not a Newsletter

Hi! You know, I often find myself wishing where was a blog or tumblr dedicated to each of my random interests. I keep a mental list of these, complete with possible titles. Here are some recents: Water From Below, a blog devoted to the care of finicky indoor plants The Fifth Song, a music blog […]

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#creativeUNblock #2

19 February 2015
my bathroom cabinet for #creativeUNblock #2

So the February project for The Jealous Curator’s #creativeUNblock challenge is to document the contents of your bathroom cabinet/medicine shelf. I know it’s only February but, you guys, this is easily the most fun art project I’ve done so far this year. Here’s why: I love drawing objects. Simple as that. I knew that before […]

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20 days more

11 February 2015

Forty-one days into #project365 and I’ve learned a few things: It always helps to have cut flowers in the house because flowers make delightful subjects (especially in February). I have a 40-minute commute to work every morning and, with the steadily brightening days, the light on my drive has been fabulous recently. Note to self: […]

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These 10 things are just for you

10 February 2015
In lieu of a newsletter

You’ve probably found yourself wondering why some croissants are curved and others are straight, right? Turns out it’s a legal thing in France, you guys. That’s some serious business. (via) – Believe me when I tell you I am pretty out of the loop on most stuff. So I may be the last librarian to […]

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#creativeUNblock #1

5 February 2015

I already mentioned being excited about The Jealous Curator’s #creativeUNblock challenge. As soon as I saw what the challenge was for January, I beat feet to the Library of Congress’ Flickr collection (one of my favourite places to snag neat, rights-free images) and browsed around until I found one that spoke to me. Turns out […]

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January reads

3 February 2015
January 2015 books

Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform, Danielle Krysa Krysa opens this book with a description of the challenge she gave each of the artists in the book: she gave them an image and told them to alter it in any way they liked. I won’t lie, a big […]

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The first four weeks

27 January 2015

So I set myself this challenge to create some sort of art using my ridiculous (and growing) collection of discarded library catalogue cards. At the time I figured it would be a good way to: force myself to do something creative at least once a week on a tiny (3×5), unintimidating canvas; try out new […]

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I enjoyed these things and you might, too

22 January 2015
In lieu of a newsletter, marsala'd

First things first: Pantone declared “Marsala” the colour of the year. That’s it up there, the background colour on that illustration. Kind of gross, right? Is it just me? Ever since I published the first edition of this un-newsletter, I’ve been seeing stuff about email newsletters all over the place. Like this article on how […]

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