an asparagus short

Our first farm share of the season arrived last week and in it was a small handful of organic asparagus. Last night the mister tossed the lot in a bowl with olive oil and salt and grilled them and it might have been the best asparagus I have ever eaten. We talked about that at the time, “is this the best asparagus we’ve ever eaten?”, which immediately prompted us to remember all the good and varied asparagus delights we ate in Belgium (during asparagus season! How lucky we were) and then we thought of the small shot-glass of chilled white asparagus soup we had during our first meal in Antwerp and it was settled. The grilled asparagus was the second-best asparagus we’d ever eaten.


  1. Which reminds me. It is still “Spargel-Zeit” in Germany and I’m going to the greengrocer’s tonight to pick some up. Dale and I will toast you and the mister with a glass of German white while we eat it. :)

  2. Ken Maynard

    Absolutely nothing better than spargel with hollandaise sauce, prosciutto…and a chilled bottle of Mosel wine!! But, I will try grilled asparagus!!

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