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“I’d like my painting to be in the present tense,” says Ellsworth Kelly in this video about abstraction. Sketchbook/notebook nerds, take notePaul Klee’s notebooks have been digitised. I just got lost browsing through Mubi’s curated collection of films by/about/regarding/for [all things] women. David Bowie was one busy dude. I maybe enjoyed the commentary on House of Cards season 4 more than I enjoyed the actual season (and I enjoyed the actual season a reasonable amount). An interesting look at what an Arts education really gets you. I’ve bought every issue of this beautiful periodical so far and I can’t wait for the next one.

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I’ve been working on this mixed media piece for a week and some days I love it and other days I think it’s overworked and I’m totally over it.

I’ve recently had reason to contemplate drafting an artist statement (exciting! Also: terrifying) and, I have to confess, I think most artist statements are pretty poncey. I’m sort of struggling to figure out how tumblr fits into my online presence/social media ecosystem but, for now all I know is I love the community there and I’m enjoying posting stuff that inspires me, as well as some of my own works-in-progress.