Because the internet doesn’t pause when you’re busy

not a newsletter

Hey, maybe I should just change the name of this entire website to “In Lieu of a Newsletter”? Because saving up nifty links and sharing them in these posts is about all I can manage lately, you know? Things are busy. In a mostly great way. They would be entirely great if I had more (er, any) time to draw and paint but I’m hoping to get back to that soon. But enough with the idle banter, let’s get on with the good stuff.

My fascination with email newsletters that began this blog series has not abated. TinyLetter, that Mail Chimp off-shoot that can probably be credited with fuelling the current popularity of email newsletters (I have no idea if that’s true, I just made it up; seems likely though) does this neat thing called TinyLetter Forwards where every Friday they send you a random TinyLetter newsletter. It’s a great way to find new newsletters that you may (or may not) want to subscribe to. Hell, even if you’re not into inbox augmentation, the randomness alone is just plain fun.

If someone had asked me who I’d like to see start a podcast, I would have said The Jealous Curator. So, yes, Danielle’s new weekly podcast, Art for Your Ear, is  sort of my dream come true. Earlier today, I doodled the word “lullaby” as I listened to the most recent episode. Why “lullaby”? Have a listen yourself to find out.

quit smoking and observe speed limits
I’ve talked about AdvicetoWriters, right? This is from Barbara Kingsolver, lettered by me (click for context).

This is not your average weather report. It’s a DIY weather report about your life that you can share with just the people you want to share it with, complete with all the right fields to craft just the right message.

Two recent tumblr follows that  positively sparkle with awesomeness: Paris Posters and Beyonce Palettes.

Touch it once, people. I took this principle on about eight seconds after I read that article and, three weeks later, I can report that it’s changed everything. Productivity junkies, take note!

Um, linkmoji, you guys.

Hey, Instagram’s web interface got a quiet update! It was sweet relief to the eyeballs when I first saw it. Here, go enjoy some bodega cats on that new interface. (via Door Sixteen)