Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity and Fear

creativity and fear

Elizabeth Gilbert on how/where she found the courage and faith to keep writing before she was well-known:

The simple answer is a stubborn and ferocious commitment
to always choose creativity over fear and a recognition that they’re conjoined twins and they kind of limp along together. Fear will not be separated from creativity, and I don’t ask it to. Because I know that they’re sort of next to each other all the time and I just talk to it… I talk to it, that’s what I’ve always done my whole life, I talk to it and I acknowledge it and I treat it with respect and I say “I know that your job is to be terrified and try to make me terrified and you’re doing it great, thank you! Well done! And I respect your right to exist and I know you’re part of this and you can come with us on this journey that I’m taking with creativity but I need you to understand that you will not be making any decisions. But you’re welcome to join us.”

I just recently discovered the NYPL Podcast, a collection of audio recordings of NYPL events, and I’m working my way through the archives. This was from a really awesome conversation between Elizabeth Gilbert and Ann Patchett back in March.

So worth a listen.