First of the year

Not a newsletter

Good links

Little Big Details is a lovely place to explore if good interaction design is your jam. Kim Werker wants to show you how to learn new things in a neat project called The Maker Conceirge. While this is not really a newsletter, I fully appreciate that those things are all the rage (again and still) so this list of top-notch email newsletters should be a welcome read. I have some watching to do. Turns out, tips on how to study, plus pictures of studying habits, are a thing on tumblr. My pocket is so jammed that I’m now using the text-to-speech feature while I drive to help me burn through my backlog (though I’ll never get used to machine-voice).

What’s up with me? A few things.

I got kind of tired of listing the same “about me” stuff on all the sites so I drew a version for this site’s about page. I feel a bit weird about calling it a “portfolio” but, whatever, I added a Portfolio section to this site to collect in one place all the stuff I’ve been drawing and painting. Remember how I used to keep you up-to-speed on what I was listening to, podcast-wise? It’s all on Feedly now. I’ve been doing a #yearofcreativehabits since January 1st and I’ve only missed 2 days of drawing or painting everyday. I’m feeling pretty good about it and planning on a more detailed blog post with some thoughts, so check back in.