I owe you this

not a newsletter

You guys, April pretty much picked me up and threw me against the wall. Then May stomped all over me to make sure I didn’t get back up in a hurry. It’s been All Systems Go for weeks and weeks until the physical system decided to shut right down for a good long while and is only now sputtering back to life.

Hi! I saved up a few things for you.

Like these portraits of the palettes of dead artists. You’ve maybe already figured out that I am super into seeing creative workspaces and studios and that I’m sort of obsessed with process. I think my fascination with artists’ palettes is just an extension of all that, you know?

I have a new favourite podcast and it is called Stuff Mom Never Told You. Best part? Their archives go back years and years (seriously). I love when that happens. It means I have plenty to listen to when I’ve burned through everything in my “most recent” playlist. Although, truth be told, that’s not happening as much lately since I am now subscribed to thirty podcasts. Oof. Bit reminiscent of those early, heady days of RSS when I subscribed to everything then felt utterly shamed by my RSS reader every time I glanced at it. You know what I’m talking about, I know you do.

Lately, whenever I’m in need of some colour-based inspiration, I beat feet straight to Yener Torun’s Instagram feed. I mean, it’s like candy and I am thoroughly addicted. (via Chatbooks’ Instagram)

Hey, speaking of Instagram, looks like they launched a browser-based option to explore hashtags. As in hashtags are now linked in your browser, not just in the Instagram app! Like, here, check out everything everyone’s posted about #the100dayproject. This is a big deal, you guys!

National Library Week came and went and I barely noticed. I feel bad. One thing I did notice was that Chronicle Books (publisher of all the best art/craft titles) profiled Little Free Libraries on their blog and gave away a couple of custom designed/built Little Free Libraries filled with their titles. That was cool.

And finally (potential spoilers ahead). Is anyone else bereft about the end of Mad Men? I am bereft. I’ve read every article about the series finale that’s crossed my path. I just don’t want to live in a world where I don’t get to find out how Don and Peggy and Stan and Joan and Betty (poor, Betty) and Roger manage the rest of the 70s (or not). And the 80s. Part of me was totally hoping for a flash forward (à la Six Feet Under) even though I knew I wouldn’t get it. I just… UGH. I am bereft.

Here’s a happy note to leave you on: I’ve been sitting on a couple of Sunday Artist interviews and I’m now finally carving out some time to work on them and get them published. First one is coming up on a Sunday very soon. Anticipate!