I started another #yearofcreativehabits in 2016 except, for the first half of the year, I wasn’t all that disciplined. As July rolled around, I started thinking about the last time…

Places Distilled


Lately I’ve been feeling like some places imprint a certain colour profile on my brain. I guess that’s kind of what this series is really about: the colours of places I’ve traveled…

Imaginary Buildings

Don't Wake Me

With this series I’ve been using colour, composition, and collage to force together three things I am currently obsessed with: urban/industrial architecture (via imaginary buildings), organic shapes, and text/typography as texture….

About me

about amanda etches

I got sick of listing the same “about me” stuff I use on various sites, so I drew it all.

These four things

At the end of 2015, I started this little series of four-a-day drawings. The things I drew were always small and ordinary and I did it because I felt like I…


As I worked on the paintings in this series, I realised that each unit of colour really represents a spore, or a single cell that is capable of reproducing into…


I do a lot of random doodling, here’s a small sampling.

Other people’s quilts

While prepping my interview with Becca Cleaver, I was moved to paint one of her quilts. As you can see, that launched a short obsession with painting other people’s quilts (and some imaginary ones, too)….


my bathroom cabinet for #creativeUNblock #2

The second task in The Jealous Curator’s creativeUNblock challenge was to document everything in your bathroom cupboard in any medium. So I drew it all (ink on paper). I’ll confess that once…